Cocteau Twins "Milk & Kisses" LP

Cocteau Twins "Milk & Kisses" LP

Comes out January 12th, 2024

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Cocteau Twins "Milk & Kisses" LP $24.99

Released in March 1996, Milk & Kisses is the eighth and final studio album by Cocteau Twins. And like its predecessor, 1993’s Four Calendar Café, it has never been formally released on vinyl outside Europe. In January, 4AD will release it, along with its predecessor in the United States on black vinyl + CD. Robin Guthrie returned to his original studio mixes and has delivered stunning, brand new 24-bit masters of both titles.

The second of two albums Cocteau Twins released via Fontana / Capitol Records after their long asso- ciation with 4AD ended in 1990 with Heaven or Las Vegas, the band warmed the waters for Milk & Kisses with a pair of exceptional EPs where they took their music to new places, Twinlights and Otherness - the first largely acoustic, the second their only sanctioned remixes (done with Seefeel’s Mark Clifford).

A period of high creativity for the band, renewed after a turbulent time, they recorded and produced Milk & Kisses between their September Sound studio in London and the coastal town of Pors Poulhan in Brittany, France. Featuring the singles ‘Tishbite’ and ‘Violaine’ and fan favourites such as ‘Serpent- skirt’ and ‘Treasure Hiding’, the album is a cathartic listen too with MOJO saying in a glowing review that the album’s title “accurately intimates its soothing, healing powers.” Ultimately, Milk & Kisses also proved to be their swan song, bringing the curtain down on 14 years of wonder to leave an incredible legacy that new generations continue to discover to this day.

"Milk & Kisses" Tracklist
A1/1 Violaine
A2/2 Serpentskirt
A3/3 Tishbite
A4/4 Half-Gifts
A5/5 Calfskin Smack

B1/6 Rilkean Heart
B2/7 Ups
B3/8 Eperdu
B4/9 Treasure Hiding
B5/10 Seekers Who Are Lovers